C-level executives face daunting challenges.

You need to mobilize your company to achieve your plan.

With your existing resources. Yesterday.

But you know how hard it is to get your team from Point A to Point B.

How do you move forward? You create a “Decision-Making Organization”.

Decision Clarity Group
mobilizes your team
to make your goals become reality.

We equip and strengthen top leaders to achieve
more of their strategic goals by engaging
more of their team more effectively.


Denise Dunning, founder and executive director of Rise Up, shares her experience working with Decision Clarity Group


PODCAST: Steve Scheier, the Founder and CEO of Decision Clarity Group is a guest on Robert MacPhee’s Excellent Decisions podcast, where they talk about the importance of decision making for leaders in all walks of life.

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The Reality

We get it. You’re between a rock and a hard place.
Your company needs to perform better faster. Without additional resources.
Welcome to the New Reality. Every company does.

You will be stuck where you are
until your team is equipped to make good decisions
together to get you where you need to go.
We do that. For this quarter and all the quarters to come.


Fully 62% of executives describe their organizations as poor or mediocre at strategy execution.

– American Management Association


And 86% believe their organization does an ineffective job implementing strategies.

– Forbes CEO Survey


As a result, 90% of organizations fail to execute their strategies successfully.

– Balanced Scorecard Collective

The Obstacles

There’s not one obstacle
in the way of getting your organization moving.
There are four.

We engage your team in 4 crucial ways
to start making the decisions your transformation requires.


The general direction of your organizational “ship” is clear. But what does this mean for the people in the engine room? You need to translate the strategy into clear, tactical steps SO that each person in your organization knows exactly what is expected of them.


Right now your plan is YOUR plan. You need a way for everyone to feel it is THEIR plan. Opposing ideas need to be addressed and resolved. You need to get heads nodding, and you need to identify the major decisions to move your plan forward.


The path to commitment is achieved by giving your employees a stake in moving the plan forward. Your employees will need a sense of ownership to make the plan “theirs” so they don’t give up.


There is no one in your organization for whom getting the plan implemented is more of a priority than for you. You must find a way to make it a top priority for everyone in your organization.

The Team Mobilization Process

It will take a campaign to get your whole team moving together.
We do it in 5 steps.
You get a decided advantage.

1. Translate your plan into action steps

We identify the decisions implicit within your visionary strategic plan to turn it into an action plan for every team member and we benchmark their readiness to implement.

2. Engage your stakeholder groups

We mobilize your team by teaching our decision-advocacy methods to each of your stakeholder groups, so YOUR plan becomes THEIR plan.

3. Activate your stakeholder groups

We create excitement and momentum by mobilizing your team members to take on the important decisions that are part of implementing your plan.

4. Start record-setting implementation

With your whole team fully informed, bought-in, and ready to advocate for the decisions that will advance your plan, it will be implemented with record speed and excellence.

5. Reinforce employee momentum

This new advocacy lives on! We meet with you monthly to encourage your core team, assess your progress, address challenges, provide tips, and celebrate the triumphs.

Want to achieve your goals?

Learn how we get teams mobilized.

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Mobilize Your Vision™

Mobilize Your Vision™