Steve Scheier

Founder and CEO, Decision Clarity Group

Decision Clarity Group was founded by Steve Scheier in 2011 to equip top leaders to achieve more of their strategic goals by engaging more of their team more effectively. Helping leaders and their teams create new, engaging and powerful organizational practices is Steve’s abiding passion. He recognizes that leaders and their teams must be brought together to achieve their organizational goals. Steve believes that leadership coaching on its own or team trainings classes offered in a vacuum, rarely lead to success. Only a process that simultaneously engages both the leader and his/her team will make a significant difference. Steve has dedicated his career to creating processes that enable leaders to mobilize their teams to achieve their goals.

Steve learned how to strengthen leaders and mobilize teams from Steve Jobs. He played a key role in the introduction of the now-ubiquitous Mac, led Apple’s extraordinary creative services organization, and played a key role in launching many important customer events. He also helped establish and grow Apple’s famed leadership role in K-12 education. Steve was at Apple for nine years and was forever changed by the out-of-the-box thinking and the incredible achievements he witnessed. He saw firsthand how clear and inspiring leadership could bind people together and convince them that they could do the impossible.

In his years at Apple and other large companies and start-ups, Steve learned leadership and organizational lessons that inspire him to this day.

Steve’s passion for difference-making drove him to work with a wide variety of non-profit organizations in senior HR roles. As a member of nearly a dozen executive teams, Steve has supported and reported to CEOs for more than 30 years.

Steve’s acumen as a campaign manager comes in part from his being Chief of Staff for the Chairman of the Ways & Means Committee of the California State Assembly as well as other government organizations.

Steve is the author of the highly-esteemed book, Do More Good. Better, which lays out clear ways leaders can engage more of their teams more effectively.

Steve has a B.A. in Russian History and an M.A. in Education Policy from University of California, Berkeley, plus significant course work in organizational development at the University of San Francisco.

Steve continues to give back by serving on two non-profit boards. A life enthusiast and lifelong learner, Steve is as likely to take in a Shakespeare play as a Giants baseball game. And you don’t want to play movie trivia against him!

Diedra Barber

Nonprofit Vision Mobilizer

In a rich and wide variety of environments, Diedra has followed her continuing passion for education as a vehicle to change lives and advance social justice.

She brings a leadership perspective from her time as Program Director for multiple national nonprofits as well as a business startup COO. An experienced and sought-after coach, Diedra creates an active partnership with each client in pursuit of their goals.

Diedra trained and coached hundreds of high school students at College Summit, where she helped them expand their possibilities, improve their choices, and build their resiliency.

She helps organizations reduce ineffective communication and inefficient decision-making bottlenecks by teaching employees to self-advocate, innovate, confront fear, and move forward.

After studying international relations as Dominican University, Diedra earned her MBA from Mills College, with a focus in socially responsible business and nonprofit management.

Wayne Cerullo

Relationship Development

Wayne is focused on inviting senior leaders to mobilize their vision using the methods and power of Decision Clarity Group.

Wayne is a seasoned marketing professional with a passion to help organizations and individuals better serve the people who are their clients. As an experienced observer of corporate and national cultures, he has been helping companies better understand and serve their customers for decades.

Wayne helped shape the worldwide marketing communications for the original tech trio of Microsoft, Intel, and IBM. While developing his global awareness with these companies, he has lived and worked in New York, Paris, and San Francisco.

He brings experience from working with other Fortune 500 firms such as Siemens, Nestlé, Citibank, Visa, as well as many startups and mid-market challenger firms.

In addition to his corporate life, Wayne co-founded one non-profit and is board chair of another.

Starting with a BA from Princeton University, Wayne earned his MBA from NYU. He lives in the San Francisco area with his wife, pair of running shoes, and two offspring who have accidentally ended up in marketing.

Taylor Ray

Business Vision Mobilizer

Taylor’s prowess as a consultant comes from her own hands-on management experience. Her base of experience combines the discipline of medical and information technology, as well as the people skills required in non-profits, higher education and government.

Taylor started big – as a Deloitte consultant implementing large-scale systems for state governments. This led to her creating implementation strategies with SAP systems and working with HP as well.

She also knows the challenge of starting small, as the CEO of one startup and co-founder of another, where she took a new medical product from prototype to feasibility study to fully-funded clinical trial.

Taylor has consulted with a wide range of organizations, even performing business simulations that model high-conflict situations for corporate managers & leaders.

Taylor studied neuroscience and linguistics at Indiana University and Adult Education for a MS from the University of Wisconsin. Accordingly, she is on the adjunct staff for the Executive MBA program at the University of San Francisco and taught in the international executive leadership program for Johnson & Johnson.

In addition to helping executives and organizations find their voice, Taylor herself is an accomplished singer.

Mobilize Your Vision™

Mobilize Your Vision™