Experience: Business

  • Recast and reinvigorated internal communications for the Technologies Group during a massive multi-year re-engineering process.
  • These efforts were designed to aid in the shift to a leaner, more productive and faster development organization while at the same time increasing transparency, trust, and aiding retention of key employees.
  • Worked directly with Steve Jobs for 3 years on the original introduction of the now-ubiquitous Mac.
  • Led Apple’s very successful computer donation program and organized and implemented Apple’s award-winning “Test Drive a Macintosh” campaign.
  • Played a key role launching important customer events and while leading Apple’s K-12 group managed the K-12 market’s transition from the Apple II to the Mac.
  • Led Apple’s extraordinary creative services organization.
  • Worked with CEO AND COO to evaluate leadership talent and design development tracks and leadership ladders for this pioneering internet marketing agency.
  • Improved compensation structure, benefits plan, and performance management system
  • Managed internal communications during the merger of two airline computer reservation services.
  • Thirteen airlines were managing two technology and two data centers.
  • They sought to merge these organizations into one integrated technology community.
  • This 18-month merger required the successful integration of many people and systems and a robust employee communication effort was vital to this effort.
“I brought Steve and Decision Clarity in to help us punch through the barrier of my assumptions around how to run a small and growing organization and enable us to breakthrough to the next level.”
Bill Jackson

Founder and CEO of Raise Ready Kids, Founder and former CEO of GreatSchools

  • CEO and COO were making all key operational and strategic decisions. Staff felt confused and underutilized. The organization’s initiatives were slow and muddled.
  • Implemented Hands-On Program with 65 staff members across 14 functional areas.
  • Accelerated productivity and increased ownership for 71 decisions distributed to 21 staff members with clear roles and accountability for everyone involved.
  • Six years later, models and language are still accelerating decisions.
  • Ran human resources, finance, and customer support groups for this pioneering internet food delivery service.
  • Participated in the evaluation of two acquisitions and created integration plans. Improved morale through communication and team building.
  • Worked with CEO and COO to evaluate, develop, source, and replace talent.
  • Increased the decision-making capacity of middle management through training with 150 managers
  • Team continues to use the models and language to advocate for and make decisions about issues commensurate with their organizational responsibilities.

“At NorthBay HealthCare we’ve focused on developing the leadership potential of our 150 supervisors and leads. We view the development of these critical frontline leaders as essential to our success. After experiencing the Decision Clarity training our participant valuations indicate that our supervisors and leads possess more clarity, awareness and empowerment and are more confident in their leadership roles.  This work is another step forward in developing our frontline leaders.”

Robert L. Armijo
HR Services Manager
NorthBay Healthcare

Mobilize Your Vision™

Mobilize Your Vision™