The first step in considering how you implement your plan is estimating what’s at stake.

We ask three questions in considering your internal employees, operations, and external reputation:


  • What is your current performance?
  • What is the upside potential impact in these areas if you truly implement your vision?
  • And what is the cost of NOT fully mobilizing your team behind the vision? What is your trajectory if you can’t get your team behind your plan?

Comparing your present performance, future trajectory, and upside potential, it’s easy to see there is a lot at stake for you and your organization.

You already know this. But do your four internal stakeholder groups agree on the value of implementing the plan effectively?

We help you estimate specifically what’s at stake.


Areas of Impact

We help you assess the potential impact of your vision on your organization’s people, operations, and reputation.

Think of it as unlocking the ROI in your strategic plan.


Talent attraction
Talent retention
Place to work rank
Productivity (units/employee)


Company ROI (for-profit)
Social impact (non-profit)


Market / opportunity share
Company /organization ratings

Mobilize Your Vision™

Mobilize Your Vision™