When do you need Decision Clarity Group?

Changing your organization’s trajectory doesn’t happen automatically.

If your organization needs to attain new heights, be revitalized, or respond to changes in your environment, you need a mobilization campaign to make that happen.

Decision Clarity Group plans and executes mobilization campaigns.
Because it takes a campaign to turn an idea into a movement.

Why Decision Clarity Group?

By engaging DCG to mobilize your vision, you will:

  • Accelerate outcomes
  • Improve quality of execution
  • Increase buy-in at board, executive team, and middle management levels

That’s why CEOs continue to rely on Decision Clarity Group to implement their vision by mobilizing more of their team more effectively.

I learned the power of having a vision from working with Steve Jobs. I want to empower your team with the same ability — to accomplish the unimaginable.”

Is Decision Clarity Group the right group for you?

We look to work with CEOs and Executive Directors looking to make a difference.

We help them make that difference bigger and better. *

Decision Clarity Group is not right for all clients or all situations.

We’re not looking for the next gig. We’re looking for the next difference-maker.

This is intense work. We’re going to work together really, really closely.
You need to choose us. And we also need to choose you.
Because we’re going to be in this TOGETHER.
So if you’re ready to climb a great mountain, let’s get climbing.


* We wrote the book on this. Literally. Order it here!

CEOs engage Steve Scheier because he brings:

  1. 30+ years’ experience understanding and directly supporting CEOs to overcome the challenges they face.
  2. Lessons learned working directly with Steve Jobs as an early Apple employee.
  3. Fast-paced, hands-on leadership skills developed under fire in launching the Mac, establishing Apple’s famed role in K-12 education, and leading Apple’s extraordinary creative services organization.
  4. A broad organizational perspective from working with more than a dozen non-profits, large companies, and start-ups.
  5. An independent, external perspective that regular “insider” staff cannot.
  6. Inside experience from holding senior HR roles at 4 for-profit and non-profit organizations.
  7. Executive team experience as a member of 10 company and non-profit executive teams.
  8. Lessons learned from working with middle management in more than a dozen organizations.
  9. Systems and processes outlined in his acclaimed book, Do More Good. Better.
  10. Deep non-profit experience with national leaders such as Great Schools, College Summit, and YouthCare.
  11. Deep corporate experience from years working with rapid-change startups like CKS Group and Food.com as well as global leaders like American Express and Apple.
“Decision Clarity Group allowed my team to hit the ground running from day one.”
Thais Rezende

CEO, BizWorld

“With the Decision Clarity Group, we were able to really augment our strategic planning process and really have action that everyone could implement over time and feel engaged. I highly recommend Steve and Decision Clarity to other executive directors.”
Julie Abrams

Executive Director, Women’s Initiative for Self-Employment

“With Decision Clarity Group, we’ve minimized the surprises and parochial behavior and come closer as a team”
BJ Miller

Executive Director, Zen Hospice

Mobilize Your Vision™

Mobilize Your Vision™